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Accessing BQC19 material

This section introduces the researcher to the process of accessing data and materials, as well as the process of sharing published results generated from the data and samples.

Access to biological specimens and to high quality data from SARS-CoV-2 positive and negative patients is essential to better understanding the determinants of COVID-19. Collected biospecimens are a limited, very valuable and non-renewable resource. Therefore, requests for access to these samples will be examined rigorously to maximize the sample use and to ensure that the proposed analyses are fully justified and will have a potentially important impact on the advancement of research on COVID-19.

Data and scientific knowledge are common assets and as such must be shared within an appropriate framework. The BQC19 fully subscribes to the Wellcome Trust statement: "Sharing research data and findings relevant to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak" See: COVID-19 represents an important and urgent threat to global health and the BQC19 is committed to ensuring that research results derived from access to its resources and data are rapidly and openly shared to inform public health response and contribute to saving lives.

Researchers who have been granted access to the BQC19 biological samples and data to conduct research will be required to provide the BQC19 with a copy of all the data derived from this research.These data will become an integral part of the BQC19 and will be made available to future researchers accessing BQC19 data, thereby enabling them to access these rich datasets.

Accessing BQC19 Data & Materials

Accessing biological materials and/or data from the BQC19 involves a three-step approach.


  1. We encourage you to visit the BQC19 Bento platform, in order to determine whether the cohort would be a good match for your research needs, before going through an access application process. You can contact us if you cannot find the needed information on BENTO, as the search parameters are currently limited on the platform.

  2. You will have to download and complete the appropriate Request Form (Data only or Material and Data), where you will be asked to provide, among other things, information on the data and/or materials you hope to receive.

  3. Upload your completed form to the BQC19 access platform.


Among the information you’ll be asked to provide are a project description, affiliations with institutions, co-investigators and the type of data and material you’re hoping to receive from the BQC19, as well as scientific and ethics reviews of your work. The scientific and ethics review documents can be provided by the researcher after the evaluation by the access committee.


Once your project has been reviewed, you will be contacted within a week and we will arrange for the delivery of the data and biological material.


For more information on the process of accessing BQC19 materials, feel free to contact BQC19 Coordinator :

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