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GLOBUS sharing platform

The BQC19 uses Globus for data transfer. Due to the large volume of data, the Compute Canada interface is used as the data transfer mechanism.


Globus is a service that enables fast, reliable and secure file transfers. Designed specifically for research purposes, the Globus user interface includes background tracking functions that automate the management of file transfers between two media, whether it is Compute Canada equipment or another site, a cluster located on a campus, a lab server, a microcomputer or a laptop.


To access files shared by the BQC19, you will be asked for a Globus-compatible login (Compute Canada or Globus ID). If you do not have an account compatible with the platform, creating a Globus account is quick and straightforward. Please visit:


Once your access is granted by the data management team, you will be able to transfer data between the BQC19 collection and your collection. It is important to create a collection on your personal computer in order to perform the upload. The first step is to download "Globus Connect Personal" either by following the instructions in "File Manager" in the Globus portal or by following this link


Once the collection has been created on your computer, you will be able to start transferring files between the EndPoints of the BQC19 and your computer.


Note that some of the data files shared by the BQC19 are large and cannot be transferred to a personal computer.  If you use these files, it is recommended that you download them to a high performance computing cluster.  They currently reside on the Compute Canada infrastructure and it is recommended that you use Compute Canada as your platform if you need to perform analyses.


For more information on how Globus works, visit find a step-by-step guide on how to connect to Globus and use it to transfer files. You can become familiar with the basic concepts and interfaces of Globus by reading: 

For data sharing between stakeholders of the same project, it is recommended to use Globus Canada services by sharing your data collection with your collaborators.

For all other information, visit: 

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