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This section describes the BQC19 project for the benefit of researchers who wish to have access to the data and/or the samples collected by the biobank.

The BQC19

The BQC19 ensures province-wide coordination and identification of the desired norms for the various biobanking infrastructures set up in the establishments of the Health and Social Services Network (Réseau de la santé et des services sociaux/RSSS) that have come together to constitute the BQC19.The principle of sharing research results is at the core of the BQC19 mission. More specifically, the BQC19 will support efforts that aim to discover and develop new biomarkers of susceptibility and of progression of illness, new or reoriented therapies or vaccines to fight against COVID-19, and any research efforts that relate to prevention, treatment, epidemiological management and management of the health of the population as a whole. Overall, the BQC19 will work to advance precision medicine and health care relating to COVID-19.

Participating institutions are primarily in the RSSS, with one private institution (Montreal Clinical Research Institute). Each of these institutions acts in a fiduciary capacity with regards to the data and biological material it holds. One researcher in each institution is responsible for the BQC19. This researcher is named by the participating institution. Each participating institution has the infrastructures required for the activities of the BQC19, and may use them for on-site storage of biological material and data for the biobank, in accordance with the guidelines of the BQC19.

The Project

In this section, the study design is explained in detail. The project is a longitudinal study involving participants who have developed severe illness, or have been asymptomatic or mildly affected by COVID-19, as well as control subjects. The study involves in-hospital follow-up as well as follow-up in outpatient clinics for a period of two years.

You will also find a section that describes the biological material collected during visits with participants as well as the clinical data associated with them. As well, there is a section describing basic experimental analyses executed by the BQC19. These were carried out with the aim of maximizing how the samples are used, and avoiding a rapid depletion of the inventory of biological material.

​You will also find here all the relevant documentation for our study, including the Information and Consent Form (ICF), Management Framework and SOP.

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