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Project Submission

Accessing biological materials and/or data from the BQC19 involves a two-step approach. 


For the first step, complete the appropriate Request Form, where you will be asked to provide, among other things, information on the data and/or materials you hope to receive. The second step will be to upload that form.

soumission projet complet_TEMP_EN_edited.png

For data-only requests, your project will be reviewed by our access committee, and you will be contacted within two weeks of submitting your request. A Data Transfer Agreement will then have to be signed with the BQC19 for the delivery of your data.


Your data and biological material request will be reviewed by our Access Committee, which meets four times a year. You can sign up below to receive an alert for those dates. 


Once your project has been reviewed, you will be contacted within  a week and we will arrange for the delivery of the data and biological material.


Delivery of biological materials will involve signing a Material Transfer Agreement with the BQC19 and then arranging for shipment.

For more information on the process of accessing BQC19 materials, feel free to contact Julie Bérubé.

Sign up for an Alert to know when your project will be assessed.

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