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This section describes the BQC19 project for the benefit of researchers who wish to have access to the data and/or the samples collected by the biobank.

Dear BQC19 participant,


We are contacting you on behalf of the Quebec COVID-19 Biobank to thank you for your participation in the project, and to provide you some information about the project.


As you may know, funding for BQC19 visit activities has now expired, which means we must cease sample collection and clinical follow-up visits. However, the project is far from over. Thanks to your participation and that of more than 6,600 other Quebecers, the BQC19 has become one of the largest COVID-19 biobanks in Canada, and an unrivaled research platform on a global scale. Your generous contribution has already led to more than 20 scientific publications in prestigious journals, contributing to the advancement of knowledge on COVID-19. The very high quality samples & data collected by the BQC19 continue to be used by researchers working all over the world, and thus the potential for more discoveries remains. The BQC19 continues to seek new sources of funding, which will allow us to explore new research questions in the future. It is therefore not impossible that we will ask you if you are interested in participating in other projects or additional follow-up visits in the near future.


Thus, proud of all that our team has accomplished, we will now concentrate our energies on promoting the use of the BQC19 collection by the scientific community, and on disseminating the results of the analyses already carried out. We invite you to visit our website  regularly to keep up to date with the project. We will also develop the “Participants” section of the site, in which we want to share information-sheets to explain the new knowledge acquired thanks to the BQC19. Stay tuned!


Finally, please note that despite the end of your participation, our team remains available for any questions or comments that you would like to share with us. Feel free to contact us at any time – our contact information is available on the website.


We sincerely hope that you appreciated participating in the BQC19 was we did working with you. This is why we would like to thank you, once again, for your generous contribution.





The BQC19 Team and Steering Committee

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