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Congratulations to the laureates!

Several members of the BQC19 Steering Committee who are based at the CRCHUM and several CRCHUM researchers using BQC19 data were awarded the CRCHUM Awards of Excellence in 2021. The results of their research and collaboration with clinical teams at the CHUM greatly contributed to a better understanding of COVID-19. The complete list of these researchers is provided below.

  • Nathalie Arbour (axe Neurosciences);

  • Dr Philippe Bégin (axe Immunopathologie);

  • Dr Jean-François Cailhier (axe Cancer);

  • Dr Michael Chassé (axe Carrefour de l’innovation);

  • Nicolas Chomont (axe Immunopathologie);

  • Dre Madeleine Durand (axe Carrefour de l'innovation);

  • Andrés Finzi (axe Immunopathologie);

  • Dr Daniel Kaufmann (axe Immunopathologie);

  • Dre Catherine Larochelle (axe Neurosciences)

  • Dre Valérie Martel-Laferrière (axe Immunopathologie);

  • Dr Alexandre Prat (axe Neurosciences);

  • Dr Michel Roger (axe Immunopathologie);

  • Dre Cécile Tremblay (axe Immunopathologie).



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